Research & Development

The Meryone design team has formulated corresponding solutions for each problem and carried out a complete design and testing process, just to ensure that Meryone ski goggles can solve the problems encountered by most ski enthusiasts so that they can ski Better skiing on the field.

1. Solution to Fogging Problem of Ski Goggles:

Collecting Data - Comparison of Ski Goggles - Analysis of Fogging Problems - Summarizing the Reasons - Suggest Improvements - Lens Structure Design - Frame Structure Design - Anti-fog Coating Upgrade - Anti-fogging Test

After a series of improvements and tests, Meryone ski goggles are stronger than most ski goggles on the market today in terms of anti-fog effect.

2. Solve the Problem of Gaps in Wearing Ski Goggles:

Problems Analysis - Product Comparison - Real Test - Data Collection - Draw Conclusions -  Formulate Mold Opening Plan - Production Based on Data - Ski Goggle Production - Ski Goggle Assembly - Finished Ski Goggles

After spending a lot of manpower and material resources, the problem of gaps when wearing ski goggles has been solved. After the actual test by the Meryone design team in many ski resorts, the feedback results are that the experience is good and there are almost no gaps. The result was very satisfying to the Meryone design team.

3. Improve Ski Goggle Frame:

Seeing that too many skiers were injured by plastic frames, Meryone design team decided to start with ski goggle frames, starting with the raw materials of the ski goggle frames to change this status quo. To this end, the Meryone design team has made a series of improvement measures.

Plastic Frame Test - Raw Material Test - Selected TPU Material - Impact Test - Shock Absorption Test - Start Production - Frame Bending Test - Real Crash Test - Ski Goggle Assembly - Ski Goggle Finished Test

After changing the raw material of the ski goggle frame to TPU, under the same impact force, the TPU frame is intact. The actual test results of the real model also made the Meryone design team very satisfied with their improvements.


In the development process of Meryone ski goggles, the biggest problem encountered by the Meryone design team is that many skiers report that the fit of the ski goggles is not enough after wearing the ski goggles, which will cause gaps. When skiing, air will enters the inside of the goggles through these slits and hit their eyes.

To make these gaps disappear, the Meryone design team collected more facial information of Europeans and Americans. And for the shape design of the product, the Meryone design team invited many European and American skiing enthusiasts to participate. Combining the design of Meryone with the design of many ski enthusiasts, we have created a professional outdoor sports ski goggles that are suitable for European and American men and women and meet the aesthetics of European and American men and women.

The success of the ski goggles allowed Meryone to see the way forward. Not only ski goggles, but also other ski equipment, European and American men and women may also face the same problem. As a result, Meryone ski helmets, Meryone ski masks, Meryone ski gloves, socks, sleds, and snowboards have also appeared in the product catalog of

"The good user experience is the driving force for us to move forward" This is the direction that Meryone is striving for. "Meryone is a professional outdoor sports brand. It only creates professional ski sports equipment to help more people understand skiing and experience the charm of skiing."