Sales Tax Policy

Do I Need to Pay Tax on My Purchases on

The answer is: No.


But please rest assured that we will pay taxes normally in accordance with the local policies of the United States, and will not evade taxes. Meryone pays taxes on every product we sell, including taxes you need to pay. Meryone strictly abides by local laws and practices, which is also a respect for local laws and regulations. Taxation is a complex issue as it depends on which country you are shipping your goods to. Some countries import easily with few restrictions and no taxes. Some countries have very strict restrictions and high taxes. To do this, Meryone needs to research the laws and practices of your country.

At present, Meryone's products are only sold in the United States, so you only need to study the sales tax situation of each state in the United States. The sales tax payment ratio of each state in the United States is different.

You May Have Some Questions:

1. What is Sales Tax?

Sales tax is a tax paid by consumers when they consume goods in the United States. The merchant is responsible for helping the local government collect on behalf of the local government and then pays the local government once a quarter. Each state in the United States has a different sales tax rate, some may be higher, and some will not pay sales tax.

2. How is Sales And Use Tax Calculated?

Sales tax is calculated on the total value of the item minus any discounts. The total tax may also include taxes on shipping and shipping (if applicable in your state).

3. Is Sales And Use Tax Refundable?

Normally, sales tax will also be refunded to your PayPal account in the event of a return and/or refund. But because we paid the sales tax for you when you purchased it at Meryone, there is no corresponding sales tax refund when you get a refund.