Social Impact


While constantly launching new products, Meryone has not forgotten its own philosophy and original intention: adhere to the protection of the environment and sustainable development.


Use Reusable  Boxes:

In response to the issuance of the global plastic restriction order, Meryone responded positively. On the outer packaging box of the ski goggles, the previous plastic packaging box has become the current recyclable environmental protection packaging box. The raw materials of the packaging box are imported from the United States, and all the packaging boxes are degradable materials, and achieve zero pollution.


Improve Production Process

Changing the outer packaging of the product is a step in Meryone's entire sustainable development plan. In terms of the production process, Meryone feels that it should also be changed. The founder of Meryone traveled all over the country to visit ski goggles factories and various exhibitions, just to learn more about excellent production technology and improve his production process. After 3 months of running around, the new process replaced the old production process, Meryone's production efficiency has been significantly improved, and the waste material produced is much less than before.


Waste Gas and Wastewater Purification

At the same time, Meryone pays special attention to the treatment of waste water and waste gas in the production process, because it is directly related to the daily life of people around Meryone. For sewage and exhaust gas, Meryone invited a professional treatment organization to build a professional sewage treatment system and exhaust gas purification system. The treated sewage and waste gas are in full compliance with local emission standards.


Establishment of Eco-Environment Protection Foundation

Meryone found that despite insisting on taking various environmental protection measures, it was difficult to achieve obvious results on its own. If there is a group of like-minded partners, everyone acts together, so that there will be more powerful forces. Soon after, the Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation headed by Meryone was formally established. With each purchase, we donate to the Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation, which advocates a sustainable lifestyle of resource recycling.


To help more people participate in outdoor sports and feel the charm of outdoor sports, we not only need professional sports equipment, but also make efforts to make the outdoor environment better and better. The beautiful outdoor environment is the basis for attracting more and more people to participate in outdoor sports.