Terms of Sales

Meryone has established a very clear series of terms of sales in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected and to notify you about what rights and what responsibilities you have before purchasing. Meryone has specifically established the terms of sales as follows.

  1. The price of the product: The unit price of the product will change with time. In some specific periods (such as festivals, and special events), the price of the same product will be different. If you find that the price of the corresponding product has changed within 7 days after purchase, you can send us an application. We will compensate you for the difference of the price after inspection.
  2. Payment: In addition to the amount you need to pay for the goods,you need to cover the fee of customs clearance if customs clearance is needed during the package transportation and requires a fee paid.
  3. Receiving: after the package arrives, you need to sign it in the specified time. If you have missed the postman's call or email message during the package delivery process, and the package fails to be delivered, you need to contact the postman for a second delivery. If the package is returned after the specified storage time, the result shall be borne by you.
  4. Risk and Insurance: after the goods are delivered, the risk is transferred to the consignee himself. After the consignee checks and confirms the package, the risk of the goods will be borne by you.
  5. Inspection: after the goods are signed, it's normally considered that they are accepted in good condition. If any of these problems appears, including the quality problem, stain, wrong size, wrong color, wrong model, etc., please provide us with specific information within 7 days after signing.

  6. Order Cancellation: Meryone refuses the unilateral cancellation of the order without reasons. If you want to cancel your order, please do so before the order has been processed, or after you have received the package. You need to submit the application for order cancellation with a specific reason. But when the package is in transportation, Meryone refuses any unilateral order cancellation.

  7. Product Warranty: All products provided by Meryone comply with its warranty policy and are supported by the warranty service. Different products have different warranty periods. During the warranty period of the product, you can receive the product replacement or repair service provided by Meryone. Meryone has the obligation to provide you with product warranty service.

  8. If you have come across other problems, you can submit your problems to our staff. After communication and reaching the agreement, Meryone will provide with the corresponding service.
    Updated date: 6th, June, 2023.